The Smell of Celebrity

Personally, I think one of the most ludicrous endorsements a celebrity can ever make is one for their own fragrance.  It’s senseless in almost every way, except when it comes to money.  I can imagine these deals begin with someone sitting them down and saying: “Here, [flavor of the moment].  Smell these, pick your favorite […]

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Episode 64: XmasCast 2011

It is time, once again, for the annual holiday show.  Cory and Veronica join Chris, Ryan, and Jack to talk about the religious implications of Xmas, revisit holiday movies, debate the need for wish lists as adults, crave festive foods, and question the reasoning for sitting on Santa’s lap.  You will also be treated to […]

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ReTales: Experiences In Customer Service, Chapter 2

As the end of the holiday shopping season begins to close in, it’s time to lay out some more frustrations customer service employees have when it comes to dealing with daily annoyances.  Here’s my latest list offered to you in no particular order of irritability. 

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Keeping Perspective

It’s something I forget to do, at times, throughout the year. I’m constantly thinking about the near and far future, remembering past mistakes that could have turned into opportune moments. It’s hard not to question the choices I’ve made, no matter how insignificant they may be. How can I be a better person to the […]

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After a long and tumultuous year of false predictions and panic, “The Rapture” has arrived.  The crew have put together their first short film, which is being hosted exclusively on their Facebook fan page for our North American viewers.  International fans can view the movie in its shiny, full HD glory on the boys’ YouTube channel. […]

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Episode 63: PhraseCast 2

The second episode in this series picks up right where the last one left off, as Jenn returns and brings Metal Jimmy with her.  All new phrases, expressions, and words with various tiers of pronunciation are discussed, debated, and mocked.  What else did you expect?

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