Unsolicited Advice: The Ex Factor

Everyone has read a love story at one point or another, even as little as a fairy tale.  As it turns out, many of us don’t live in a fairy tale and we’re stuck dealing with reality instead of living in a peaceable kingdom surrounded by love and riches.  Nope.  We get reality instead. One […]

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Staying positive

Staying Positive

Lately, I have been on a mission (a five-months-in resolution, if you will) to be more positive in everything I do, especially at work.  This has not just been a walk in the park though. Work currently makes up about 70% of my stress and hulk smashism.  I would think that my bosses know about […]

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Episode 88: DanCast 2

It’s time for another hour with one of everyone’s favorite guests.  Andrew joins Chris and Ryan as Dan tells more tales from the workplace, memories from high school, insults about Veronica, and further misadventures with friends.  He also treats the world to an impression of Notorious B.I.G., the story of his recent car accident, how to […]

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