Lights! Camera! Jackson!- “This is Just The Beginning”

Hello one and all once again.  It’s your favorite nerd from, Jack.  It’s been a long time since you’ve read my thoughts and opinions about, well… anything.  But never fear, I’m back with a whole new section on our website once again dedicated to my thoughts and opinions, but not about real important things, but my favorite things: movies.  With Movie Season on the horizon (yes, I consider this to be the premiere season for movies year round) I figure there’s no better time than to offer my opinions about what’s out at the box office.  I’ll give you my honest opinions about what’s out there on the silver screen now and my thoughts and feelings on films not so recent such as what I’m watching on Netflix, On Demand, Blu-ray and DVD if it already hasn’t been reviewed to death.  Don’t worry about if I won’t cover anything on this site either.  I pretty much see everything.  Except for anything with Vin Diesel or with the title Step Up attached to it.  That shit needs to stop!

So check it out weekly, or in some circumstances, bi-weekly depending on what’s out there and I’ll give you my opinions about what you should see and what you should skip.  That’s right, I’ll see the movies that you don’t have to.  Think of me as a test subject in a lab.  Check out the premiere week on this site with two reviews this week, May 1st and 2nd.  Now I guess I’ll end with something corny like “I’ll see you at the movies.”  Nah, too cliche.  Just read up if you wanna know what’s good people.