All Shall Perish After the Burial from A Bullet For My Valentine (Analyzing Metal, Part 1).

Music. Yup, music.  I’ve noticed that as I have gotten older, my musical tastes have evolved beyond that of loud, angry music. But before you start saying shit like “Its called growing up”, realize that I am still talking about Metal, which, to most people, is always loud, angry music. And that’s the beauty of the genre; its so expansive that everyone knows at least one band that can fall under the umbrella of the moniker.

What I’m talking about is that most Metal bands today are doing nothing new; nothing that hasn’t already been done. Granted, all things are bound to repeat as time goes on, but the trend of crappy emo/screamo/mallcore/metalcore bands hasn’t died since their emergence in the early 2000s.

I want them to die. Badly.

To me, they bring down what it is to be Metal. I’m sure I’ll do a podcast about the origins of Metal with Chris at some point, so I won’t bore you with knowledge now, but at least know this: Metal started out as a music of rebellion, much like Punk did.

The sub genres I spoke of before all take away from that main idea. The closest they come to rebellion is telling kids to rebel against their parents, because Lord knows parents just don’t get you. You and you’re pastel wearing, too many piercing, tight girlie pants wearing friends. Bunch of fucks…

These bands scream about heartache and depression like its something only they have felt, much to the delight of their fans. When you have 1 or 2 songs (in your entire catalog) that sound like this, I’m okay with it. But if you have multiple albums about how a girl left you or how your Dad was never there, get over it. Focus that anger into a new subject. I’d rather listen to the political nonsense that Otep spews than another song about how how you wanna cry over a lost lover. I want my music to be strong (to quote a fan on Global Metal) and what you’re whining about just makes you sound like a pussy, no matter how physically jacked you may be.

That’s all for now. In subsequent parts, I will discuss the “look” of these band, as well as some of their dumb ass names. For now, cheers to the weekend.