Am I Evil?

So I had some Jehovah Witnesses come to my door the other day(and only to my door, I would never let them in) and they tried to get me to join their cult, citing the somewhat recent earthquakes as signs of God’s wrath towards the sinners of the world. I was so stupefied by the mere presence of the two bumbling trolls that I was unable to come back with a witty comment.

A sign of God’s wrath? What about the fact that Jehovah’s don’t celebrate any holiday and believe only few will actually get to Heaven? Why would I want to join a group that says that when the original group they stem from says that if you’re a good person you will go to Heaven anyway?

You see folks, I went to a Catholic school for 9 years of my life, so I know what it’s like and what the Bible says. What I can’t stand is how literal, and even how liberal, some groups take this text. Some people want the Word to be shoved down your throat and others are just “Eh… Be a good person.”

And God’s wrath? I was taught that God had stopped being so “wrath-full” after his son came down and sacrificed himself for our sins. So now all the sudden God became so pissed that he wanted to kill hundreds of people through another natural disaster? But what about the good people that died? Does God just consider them collateral damage, since they’d be going to Heaven anyway? What kind of a God is that?

People need to decide what God is and what kind of deity He is like. Is He hell bent on making everyone suffer for the wrongs they do to Him or is He a forgiving being, centered on kindness and love?

The Muslims have a good idea of God. They believe that He is more of a father figure, punishing those who wrong in Hell, but only for a limited time. Depending on the sin you commit is how long you must suffer in the flames of the underworld. Afterwards, God greets you with open arms into His kingdom where you live in peace. That sounds like a fair deal to me.

As far as I know, the Jews don’t even believe in Hell. They focus more on their life in this world rather than the next, which could be why they are the butt of so many banker/greed jokes. But, in essence, their God is all forgiving, welcoming all of His children to Heaven. Sounds okay to me.

Why is it that Christianity has so many different takes on what God is? Why does one group believe He is all forgiving and another believes we must bow in the presence of His awesome fury? All these questions make me question my religious background. And all of these questions are the reason I no longer attend Church and no longer believe in organized religion.

Think about it. I have broken almost every Commandment, committed every Deadly Sin and completely demolished the Beatitudes. I’m going to Hell according to most of these extremist. Shit, Satan going to bow to me. But others believe that if I just turn my back on my evil ways I will be completely forgiven. How does that work? That’s like Tookie Williams. Just because he wrote children’s books and told kids not to join gangs, all the sudden it justifies the fact he killed people and created the Crips; and we weren’t supposed to execute him? Humanely, I might add.

So, what I’m trying to get across is that people take their beliefs too seriously. Take your spiritual superstitions else, I have no time to be bothered by them.