Brainwash, Extra Bleach

If you are in anyway a religious person, you may want to stop reading. This is my anti-religion, hate, and ignorance filled post.

You all can probably guess where I may go with this one, based on the current stories in the news. The tragic death of Leiby Kletzky has everyone in a tizzy over child safety now, but I want to talk about something further than that. I know for fact that the Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish communities in Lakewood (and most likely elsewhere) hide their degenerates away from the public eye. They say that these people just need a good talking to from a Rabbi, but honestly, if you’re going to hide child touchers and other sickos, something is bound to happen. I wholeheartedly agree that this is a tragedy and nothing like this should even befall anyone, let alone a child. However, if you just want to push the dust under the rug, so-to-speak, sooner or later that mound under the rug is going to be noticeable.

What is even sadder than this is what would happen if all this press coverage wasn’t there. Take, for instance, the three times in my life that I can remember where one of the members of The Community (that’s what they like to call themselves in our local paper) left their child to bake in a hot car, while they were either shopping or praying in a synagogue. Sure, there was a story in said paper, but it only ran for a day or two. Know what happened to the adult in the situation? They were sent to Israel to atone for their sin. While that conclusion is based on stories I heard, I can tell you that there was no trial for child negligence, no sentencing, and no penalty. Why? I have no idea.

I guess it all falls under that umbrella of separation of church and state (maybe). Whenever you have a large group of idiots, all believing in the same celestial, omnipotent being, they all want to govern themselves, because they believe that the US government won’t understand their ways. Look at all the cults that have popped up over the years. Most of the time, their leader/founder/whatever, believed himself to be the son of God, or he just made his followers believe that. Then what happens? They commit suicide together, protest dead soldiers’ funerals, or the leader goes on to rape everything in the clan that has an opening he can put his penis in. The question that pops in my mind is “Why do you let him (because you only hear about male leaders) get away with this shit?” If I walked up to a girl and said that my penis can show her the path to God, I’d be kicked in the crotch and have the police called on me before I could finish. But if I make people believe I have some connection to God and they start to follow me, then I could get away with it.

Organized religion is stupid to me. It shows nothing more than how a large group of people can be lead to believe the silliest of ideas. However, I am not an atheist. I think people have the right to believe what they want, just not to demand special treatment and to force it down mine or anyone else’s throat.

By the way, you were warned at the beginning of this post that it would be abrasive. If I receive any comments other than those that want to correct a misguided fact or strike up a serious discussion, it will be negated and deleted. I don’t have time for your flag waving. This is my blog and, in the words of Ryan and Eric Cartman, “I do want I want!”