Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

…And some fat ass housewives are now worshipers of new deities.The show is called The Doctors. Every morning, these over paid, over schooled nimrods attempt to tell the huddled mass of fat ass stay at home “moms” how everything in their daily lives will make them sick.

If you go to Starbuck’s and use the creamer pot, you now have a hand full of germs. Don’t use the air dryer in the public bathroom, it doesn’t remove the bacteria from your hands. Oh, and neither does using a paper towel. And God forbid you make yourself food without using 15 pairs of latex gloves on, so, ya know, you don’t get salmonella.

You cannot live in a sterile environment. Its like trying to obtain absolute zero. Its not possible. Your body will always be in contact with germs and bugs and parasites and other shit that wants to make your life horrible because it needs to feed and reproduce. But, hey, here’s a secret: you body has AN IMMUNE SYSTEM. A bunch of cells, way back when your twisted existence began, got together and said “Hey, we like living in this walking trash compactor. Why not protect it from invaders?” Guess what? They need practice. So you have to give them something to beat up.

I worked in construction fields for the last 5-6 years of my life. It was the healthiest time of my life, aside from my occasional allergy attack. But even allergies are nothing more than an overreaction of your immune system to something it believes is a pathogen. So it shows my body is working to stave off the “bad guys”. I came in contact with all kinds of antigens during those years, and I hardly got sick. I was a grimy mess, but I was a healthy, grimy mess.

All I’m trying to say is this: if you try to keep your entire world free of germs and void of suspicious bacteria, you’re going to have a harder time fighting of the ones who make it through your bubble; because you gave your body no practice or knowledge of anything other than that sterile¬†existence. You will always be in contact with germs; some of them are beneficial to your life. Live while you’re alive and stop hiding from everything.

Oh, by the way, go listen to this.