Disturbing Trends (Degradation VI)

Don’t worry, its not a disturbing in that “gross out” kinda way.

Its more along the lines of “holy shit, are you kidding me?”

Facebook and Twitter have become great tools in judging people’s reactions to certain stimuli; most of which are nothing more than image macros and videos. Still, for the aspiring web based entrepreneur, these things can have a massive impact on whatever is driving your site; whether it be sales, viral campaigns, etc.

One thing that I hope gets further attention and becomes more viral is this video of a father shooting his daughter’s laptop.

Now THAT’s parenting. If my parents saw something I wrote like that when I was a kid, a grounding and a broken laptop were the least of my issues. You can hear how truly aggravated he is by the amount he stutters. That’s not a speech impediment, that’s him holding back anger. Bravo, sir.

The other thing these sites are good for, especially Twitter, are to see the latest “trends”. Twitter neatly breaks down what people are talking about and will show you, with nice figures and graphs and such, how many, where and how often people talk about a specific topic. Its gossip, condensed into a mathematical equation. And that’s where I become perturbed.

This past Sunday was the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. While I am not a huge fan of these awards (Foo Fighters are NOT metal, yet they beat out Dream Theater and Megadeth), I still now most of the artists as they appeared onstage. You all should know by now that we here at The Only Podcast consider ourselves music geeks, so to not know who an artist is causes shame within our ranks. With that being said, I give you this:

Are you fucking serious? With all the tools the world has given you people through the power of the internet, you don’t know who Paul fucking McCartney is? Why not Google that shit and find out before opening your (virtual) mouths and making a fool of yourself? The worst part is, there were THOUSANDS of these numb skulls blowing up Twitter’s servers with this inane question. My favorite: “WHO IS THIS WHITE MAN” (no punctuation, just internet shouting) tweeted by @HairWe_VeKilla. Gee, I dunno who this “white man” is. Maybe 1 of the 4 that completely changed music? Maybe the guy whose band’s catalog was almost, if not completely, bought up by Michael fucking Jackson. Even Michael, who was a different style of music, knew the importance and impact that Paul and his band mates had on the music industry.

On that note, I will leave you to #facepalm and #smh all you need to.