Who else here got a trophy for every little thing they did in elementary school? Even as a kid I thought this was odd. Why was I, or some other loser kid, getting a prize for just participating in an extracurricular activity? Shouldn’t prizes or rewards be reserved for those that earned them? I guess they didn’t want to hurt our feelings. Oh, boo-hoo.

This is what my entire generalization of the Occupy Wall Street has come to. The “Entitlement Generation”, aka the “we go got trophies for everything” kids, have now grown up and expect the same treatment. Guess what, shit doesn’t stay the same. You actually have to earn your keep now. Sure, big, evil, CEOs wanna keep money for themselves and keep you down… right. Take their place for a week and see what you do that helps the little man. Earn their salary for a year and see if you do’t want to keep it to yourself. People change when the greenbacks get involved.

Take this quote from one of the protesters:

I’m the founder of an independent game development company. When we finally launch our product, we will be drowned out in a flood of Blockbuster corporate games and our message will be lost. I am the 99%

Really? Its called competition, you dolt. Shit, Xbox even has a entire section dedicated to indie games and some of them make it big. Ever heard of Castle Crashers? That was developed by a guy who made Flash animations and ran a website (Tom Fulp, newgrounds.com), not some major gaming company like Ubisoft or EA. Besides, what “message” are you trying to send with a video game? How to shoot zombies in the head from 50 yards? Unless you’re making some educational game for children (if you are, take a hint and do like Sesame Street did, use the Kinect), whatever message you put in you game will not be heard anyway.

Its almost like I can see them pouting, stamping their feet and whining “when’s it gonna be my turn?” You don’t get a turn. No one ever did. People had to make themselves what they are.

Now excuse me while I go play my new blockbuster corporate game that I recently purchased with money given to me by the large corporation that employs me.