For My Fellow Geeks and Nerds

It seems like this year is great year to be a gamer. There are, off the top of my head, 3 great games coming out this year, 2 of them in the next month and a half. I already spoke about Mortal Kombat in a previous review and, since then, the demo for Dragon Age II has become available for download on multiple formats (xbox 360, PS3, PC). I know there are more games coming out but, for the sake of this entry, I’ll just be focusing on Dragon Age.

I’ve never been a hardcore RPG fan. The farthest I got into them was when Final Fantasy VII came out for the PS1.  I have played others since then, but that will always be the shining gem to me.

Until I was introduced to a company called BioWare.

Just click the link and you’ll see some of the heavy hitters this company has put out. Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (The Old Republic, a MMORPG, is shown the site), and, of course, Dragon Age. Now, when DA first came out, I went to my local GameStop and got a tongue lashing for not knowing who BioWare was and why I hadn’t played Mass Effect yet. These two things were rectified quickly, as I went home and learned what I had been missing out on. But DA didn’t seem to help.

When I first played DA, I was all but throwing my controller at the wall. The battle system was so clunky that my character looked like a two year old swatting at an onslaught of bears. This is not a button masher, as I quickly learned, where you can endlessly beat on the A button and think you have a stronger chance against your foes. This game is turn based; meaning that each swing of your sword is one turn and, unless you have some sort of magic or special item in use, you have to wait for your enemy to swing back. That sort of system was great when I first got into RPGs, but now I want my adventures to be a little more “real time”. So I traded the game back in.

Fast forward to over a year later. Mass Effect 2 has been out, and I have been loving every minute of that game. The improvements over the first game, which was awesome, were great and really solidified me as a fan of BioWare’s. Then I learn that this was coming out:

I was blown away. Dragon Age 2? If, in their infinite wisdom, BioWare has done what they did for Mass Effect 2 to this game, I was sure to buy it. This prompted the thoughts “Should I have really traded that game back in?” By now, there was an Ultimate Edition of DA out, which not only included the original game, but all of the DLC packs, all for $50. Yea, I scooped that up right quick.

After playing through all the extras and finally defeating the entire game, I downloaded the, now available, Dragon Age 2 demo. Again, blown away. They have re-vamped the entire combat system, much to my liking. People are bitching in the comments on the video that the game sucks now and the graphics are horrible. People, it’s a FUCKING DEMO. I’m pretty sure that BioWare wouldn’t leave the game so unfinished that it lacks the basic functions of an RPG like, say, the inventory screen. People are dumb.

Either way, if you were at all a fan of the first Dragon Age, or you are new to the series, I believe that Dragon Age 2 will be a good follow up or a nice open door for a new fan to walk into. March 8th. Pick it up.