Get Off Your Lazy Ass…

Bah, humbug.

While sitting here at my Mother-in-Law’s, waiting for Christmas dinner to be finished, the local news station aired a story on a group a people, all of which are homeless, who live in a community in the woods called Tent City. These people have set up a small village in the woods that boarder a decrepit apartment complex; hence, tent “city”.

The story described the good will of a few New Jersey natives who donated food and clothes to the people of this community. I have no problem with this; in fact, if I had more money, I would donate to charity more often. The problem I have is with the people of Tent City. Not because I’m an elitist fuck, but because the people of Tent City choose to live they way they do. Most of these people have no desire to re-enter normal society; they instead wish to remain vagrant and pan handle to get things they need. These people, to me, are nothing more than parasites and don’t deserve the kindness that the multiple church groups and other caring individuals give to them.

What would drive a person to live such a destitute life and not want to better themselves? We offer half way homes and other services to these people, all of which are located in the same town, so that these people wouldn’t even have to go that far to find it.

That’s my rant. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.