Herp Derp

I can’t seem to construct any a single solid thought for the subject of this blog, so I’ll just throw brain droppings at you.

– I was gleefully gallivanting in the land of YouTube the other day, whimsically watching videos of un-manly things such as kittens and puppies, when it dawned on me that my hetero man card would be removed if I did not stop immediately. I swiftly changed the subject matter to explosions, bass playing and Metal music. While watching a video for Porcupine Tree (because I’m excited that Steve Wilson and Mikael Åkerfeldt have a new side project) I came across a comment stating that “true Metal fans don’t take Opeth seriously”. Why? Is Opeth too progressive or not Metal enough for you Black/Thrash/-core Metal geeks? Was this nothing but a troll attempt? I decided it was and went back to enjoying the music, which is what every fan should be doing, not having a “more Metal than you” dick waving contest.

– My job is very schedule oriented.  When a customer calls or goes online to have work done, they are asked to choose a time that is most convenient for them. For mobile jobs, this is a block of time between 8-12 or 12-5 and for jobs where the customer is coming to our shop, then can schedule for any hour up until 4PM. Monday, one of my coworkers was doing his only call ahead when the customer said that she “works for a living” and needs him to come after 12 (she was in the 8-12 block). Aside from the snide remark, accommodating her needs were not that difficult seeing as we had little work scheduled that day. Around 11:50, my coworker called her again to confirm that the job was still on for after 12. She turn around and said she wanted to come into the shop now. Strike two, bitch. 30 minutes later, the call center transfers her over to our manager; she changed her mind again and now wants the tech to come to her. The best part? The credit card she was paying for this job with wasn’t even hers. She had borrowed it from her friend; her friend who set the job up in the first place. This friend was not happy when she found out that the tech didn’t arrive until after 1PM and was even more upset when she found out it was this woman’s fault. The best best part? There was $500 missing from the credit card, before the job was done(we don’t charge until after we finish, even if you gave us your CC number). Someone was not happy.