I Need A Doctor

And not you hypochondriacs that read WebMD.

Being married to a nurse and having other family members who are in the medical field, I have gained more than the normal denizen’s knowledge of how our body works. Its an amazing thing, really. The body’s ability to defend against a myriad of diseases, infections, repair itself whenever an accident occurs and just carry on basic functions while all of this goes on is simply astounding.

Every once in a while, however, your body gets caught up and you get sick. The common things like extra liquids, more sleep, and some OTC medications are what people should do whenever this occurs; but, alas, it is not. These germaphobes and valetudinarians now have a new place to turn to: WebMD, the bane of most doctors’ existence. If hypochondria wasn’t bad enough, now there’s a website dedicated to telling you that you could die from the “common” cold.

I know of at least 2 doctors that my wife works with that tell their patients to NOT look any of their symptoms up on this fear-mongering website. They do this because they know that as soon as the person reads the slightest negative thing about their child’s diagnosis, the parents will be calling the office and demanding that the doctor’s license be revoked.

This is not to say that WebMD doesn’t offer solid medical advice; it does, its just the fanatical animals that aren’t in the medical field that like to self diagnose who ruin it for actual professionals.

And now, for a change of pace, I’m gonna let The Wife talk type. Here she is folks:

It can be very frustrating as a medical professional when patients, or even friends for that matter, come up to you and mention they have been on the internet and have looked up certain symptoms they have been experiencing lately; because you know you are about to get bombarded with a shit load of asshole questions. You also know this person automatically pay attention to ONLY the worst of all the diagnosis’ and pretty much always thinks they are dying or have cancer or some sort of anal fissure…

Doctors and nurses tell you NOT to look up your symptoms for a reason. They know most people think like this, true it is human nature to be curious and do things you are told not to, but come on…

Don’t get me wrong, sites such as WebMD are great resources and when used properly, can provide a wide variety of information and help, it shouldn’t be used to help diagnose yourself. Go to the Doctor!