Look Ma, I Wrote A Review!

Unemployment has left me with a lot of stress, but also a lot of free time. I have filled this new found void with things I never really got to do when I was working: catching up on video games, subscribing to Netflix, and general trolling around the internet. While doing said activities, I came across a movie and an upcoming video game that I would like to share with you this day.

The Movie:

Ass Kicked

Ip Man is a semi biographical film that focuses on  a small section of the life of the grandmaster of Wing Chun and teacher of Bruce Lee. During the time portrayed in the film, the Second Sino-Japanese War has begun and Ip Man is forced to work as a coal miner in his small town; a drastic change for this once wealthy man. At times, a group of Japanese military men would make their way into this operation and ask if any civilian was willing to duel one of their Karate students for a bag of rice. At first, Ip is hesitant, but after one of his friends never returns from these fights, he is forced into action. This is the outcome:

Complete ass kick-ery. Owning 10 Karate black belts? This guy deserves facts like the almighty Chuck Norris. Now I know this is a mock up of what this guy can do, but he taught Bruce Lee. And if Bruce had enough respect to call this guy sifu, then I sure as hell will too.

For all you martial arts fans out there, you should enjoy this film. In fact, the only thing that I believe will turn someone away from this film is that the entire thing is subtitled. The actors are talking either Japanese or Cantonese, at different intervals, so if you’re someone who goes to see movies because you don’t like to read, forget this. Otherwise, see it.

The Game:

FUCKING MORTAL KOMBAT!!! Oh how I can’t wait to disembowel my enemies, throw some spears with Scorpion, and create overall carnage. Oh joyous day, ka-loo ka-lay. I shouldn’t even have to give a review, you should already be drooling. Hit up their Youtube channel for more videos, like the one showing that Kratos (yup, God of War Kratos) will be a character.  I can’t wait.