Media Vermin

Stand aside Jack, its my turn to bitch about a television program.

I know you’ve probably all heard of the show “Billy the Exterminator”, which is broadcast on A&E. If you don’t, its a show about a wanna be extermination company called VexCon an their hippie dippy leader, Billy. He and VexCon originally got their 15 minutes of fame when they were featured on two separate episodes of “Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe”. These episodes were hilarious, but mainly because of Mike’s normal antics and failures.

Alas, TV execs thought they know what the American public wanted to see, especially after Discovery Channel started airing a show called “Verminators”. That show’s highlight was a company called ISOTech and it was much more focused on the science and technical ability of its stars, rather just showing an overall “yuck factor”. This company also didn’t need TV exposure to gain notoriety; they simply went on a routine service call and ended up with a front page article in the LA Times. I like this show because it piqued my interest in entomology, a subject I’ve always had a soft spot for. Unfortunately, this show was cancelled.

Billy’s show, on the other hand, is exactly what the fat, stay-at-home, overly exited and easily terrified American public yearns for. A zany host with a big mouth talking about a subject most people overlook and don’t know enough about. Billy says he was discharged, honorably, as a sergeant from the US Air Force and an entomologist; the latter I have a hard time believing. He and (normally) his brother are the ones the show focuses on. The two of them do their job in such a nonprofessional way it scares me. No bee suit when dealing with a hive of wasps? And your brother is allergic to their stings? All the ingredients for great reality TV. I hope the people at home who like this show get stung by a Japanese Giant Hornet.

The sad part is, people love his show; you can see it on multiple message boards. Why? This guy is a nincompoop and I certainly wouldn’t want my pest problem to be dealt with by him. I would rather the cold, calculating methods of ISOTech than him. At least I know the job will get done with minimal screaming. Screaming from me at how dumb Billy is.