Miracle at 35 West Main Street (Degradation V)

It seems to be holiday blog week on theonlypodcast.com. But what else should you expect when its the week leading up to the most glorious of all consumer holidays?

As expressed in the prior articles, Christmas is a time of sharing, giving and receiving gifts, fun with family, and over all merriment. And yet, some people still seem to not understand why I am not a fan of this holiday. My wife and others say that I hold onto my past too much, but how could I not? Could it be because this holiday was always a source of scrutiny, jealousy, and my family trying to one-up each other for a good 10+ years of my life? Of course not, they think/say, I’m just a grinch.

My wife argues that her and I are our own family unit now and need to start our own traditions. I don’t have a problem with that, but I’m not going to be able to get the sour taste out of my mouth after just 2 years of celebrating this holiday with her. Maybe this mentality will change when we have children, because I certainly don’t want them to feel the same way about the holiday as I do.

I want this negativity toward Christmas to change, but its going to take some time. Mental wounds are slow to heal on someone who hold grudges.

Even if that is the case, I still hate all of you last minute holiday, gotta-get-the-latest-gadget-now-and-why-don’t-you-have-it assholes. To the people in retail: I was one of you once, I salute you and feel your pain.