Occupying Too Much Space

All of you have probably heard something about the “Occupy Wall Street” protest by now.

My thoughts?

How about you have a meaningful protest where you actually have demands and an end game. So far, these protesters are there to pretty much just hang out on Wall Street. They say they’re protesting corporate greed and that they are the 99% to the 1% of the rich, but what is it doing? Really, they’re just in the way. And if you’re in the way (especially of corporate greed) you get run over.

I understand how it feels to be down trodden. I know what it’s like to be unemployed. Protesting Wall Street will not help, mainly because the “evil” businesses aren’t there anymore. Its only a symbol now. If you really want to do something, empower yourself so you reach their; level where you can take them on in their own court. The sad part is that once you reach their level, you’ll understand why they do what they do and you’ll not want to give up your newly acquired wealth and status. If I were in that position, I wouldn’t want to give it up either.

I have worked hard to get to the measly place that I am right now. I plan on continuing my struggle so I may have something better in the future, be it for me or my family. This group seems like the types who consider themselves entitled to a lifestyle that they are envious of. I don’t see them protesting film and music stars; certainly those individuals make up part of that 1% of “evil” rich people, just bankers and stock brokers… ya know, the people who actually come in contact with their money.

Why pledge to combat one form of greed when another form will just rise up and take its place?

Am I saying that these protesters are dirty, jobless, left over 60s hippies? No, and you all know how much I love to loathe hippies. I do believe, however, that these people lack direction and possibly some understanding of their fellow humans.