On A Positive Note

My last entry seemed to berate everyone and everything on the internet, however, after reading these two stories, my faith in the general public might be restored. The first, and I assume more popular, story comes from New York. It features a 10 minutes video of a bunch of shit stain middle schoolers completely belittling a bus monitor, for kicks. When I was young, authority figures were always considered the enemy, no matter what part of the chain of command they were. This video, on the other hand, is completely uncalled for. Even if she was an aforementioned authority figure, the insults hurled at this poor soul are completely unnecessary. But, as the title of this blog states, there is a bright side. A few good people saw this video and felt pity on Karen (the monitor) and decided to start a charity to send her on vacation. As of writing this post, they have raised  $402, 279 … and still have 29 days to raise more money.  That’s incredible. The power of the group is truly defined here. Here is the actual IndieGoGo link, in case you wanted to donate also.

The second story, one that may have not garnered the same amount of press, comes from that other wonderful website, The Oatmeal. You see, Matt Inman, the site’s creator, was tired of his comics being stolen hosted on another site. So mad was he, that he wrote a blog about it, pointing out some of his stolen property (along with stuff taken from other sites). About a week ago (June 11th) Matt wrote about how he was served papers claiming that the website, that was stealing his stuff, is seeking $20,000 in damages. Mr. Inman, deciding not to get into a huge legal battle, decides to sponsor a charity; its proceeds going toward the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society, which is a complete slap in the face of the accusing website. Well, that charity has, as of this writing, garnered $209,232 and still has 4 days left. That is over 1000% of his original goal. That charity is here, in case you want to keep rubbing it in that other site’s face.

PS – the other site’s lawyer is now suing both organizations for any money received from this fundraiser. Douche.