Everyone has a different interpretation.The entire idea for this entry came from Jim Breuer bit where he describes what he thinks success is. To him, aside from the money, it was having a pair of Eddie Murphy red leather pants and a pet kangaroo called Hoppy. While these are completely outlandish, but hilarious, versions of what success might look like, it did make me start to think about how I would describe myself if I were to achieve a certain level of success.

Most people will all say the same basic thing when you ask them. Enough money that they won’t have to worry about anything. Simple, right? I know that most of the people I have asked answered in that way, but I also know that if the money presented itself, the stores they frequent would be empty. But what would the actual idea of success look like? The ability to shut down a store for a couple hours to buy everything?

Not in my mind. Honestly, and this is gonna be weird, but success to me is having a large home office (I’m talking boardroom sized) with an in-wall salt water aquarium, complete with high priced aquatic species, that I have to hire someone to take care of. Sure, the idea of having enough money to not worry about bills and such is great and pretty modest, but I’m a very visual creature. I may only want the money so that I can live comfortably, but I want some to play with also.

So what is success to you? Is it the big house, the fancy sports car, and the yacht? Or will you play the modest role and ask for nothing more than the white pickett fence with 2 1/2 kids, a dog, and a wife?