The Belief In Nothing

Some people can’t get off their soapbox. That includes me. I know, hypocrite. Whatever.

I have a question for those who consider themselves atheist: if you truly do not believe in a supreme deity, or any deity at all, then why is it that I only hear and see you attack Christianity? Christianity isn’t the only religion out there. There’s Jews, Muslims, Satanists, Scientologists,  Buddhists, etc., that you could be trying to argue down about the existence of their supreme being.

Why is it seem you like attacking Christians? Is it because this country was founded by Puritans, and you feel bad you weren’t there to bitch at them? Don’t tell me it’s because Christians are extremists.  A group of Muslims extremists attacked our country. But we can’t talk about them, now can we? Noooo… that’s a politically correct taboo.

To me, atheism of this type is nothing more than discrimination. “Hey, Christians seem like the big group in this country, let’s bash them.” Shut up. If you choose not to believe, and decide to yap on about your non-belief, why not be an equal opportunity hater and yap on about how we’re all wrong, not just one group.