This Is My Holiday Post

Is nothing sacred?

Don’t say “Merry Christmas”; it might offend someone. Instead, say “Happy Holidays”.

Santa can’t say “Ho, Ho, Ho” anymore. Instead he has to grumble out “Ha, ha, ha”.

If you work for the Salvation Army, you can’t ring your bell anymore. Instead, all you may do is stand near your collection bowl, and gently remind people how there are those less fortunate who cannot afford what a normal family has.

What has the world come to?

Is this what those in power deem “politically correct”?

I deem it a whole load of steaming bullshit.
The “Merry Christmas” idea passed by me some years ago, back when I was to young to understand that people in higher places didn’t want to “send the wrong message”. What I don’t understand is how companies get away with saying “Happy Kwanzaa”, “Happy Chanukkah”, or “Feliz Navidad”.

The Santa thing just occured, and has my co-workers and I in disbelief on how inane the idea is that when good ol’ Saint Nick lets out a jolly “ho, ho, ho”, he’s referring to prostitutes and women of ill repute. Sure, the original political attack happened in ¬†Australia, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t spread further than it has already in America. And what happens to the kids whose parents now have to explain why Father Christmas can’t use his catch phrase? How would you like to tell your kid that Santa can’t say it because some tramp on the corner might be offended. Sure, 50 Cent and all his posse can use “ho” in its intended text, but Santa can’t laugh in a similar manner.

And now the Salvation Army is under attack. The fucking Salvation Army! What the hell? We can broadcast on national TV about how there are poor, starving children in some third world country, but we silence the ones who are trying to help those in our own? This news came to me through my sister who works in the local mall. She recently noticed that the member of the Army that stands outside her store wasn’t ringing her bell like normal. After asking what happened, the member sid that the mall officails said that her bell ringing was “bothering the costumers” and needed to stop. What the fuck? Bothering the customers? Who gives a shit?
What I have to say toall of this is have a Merry Christmas, Ho , ho, fucking ho, and I’m going to ¬†go ring a bell outside the haughtiest store in the mall I know of.