Try Not to Kill the Messenger

I thought that by getting out of retail, some of my faith in humanity my be restored.

It hasn’t.

The longer I work in any field directly in contact with the customers being served, the more my patience is pulled thin. I can no longer assume that it will be a 90/10 split between the agreeable and the aggravating buyers; it has become the exact opposite. People have increasingly become less patient as I have continued in my effort to bring “customer satisfaction”. Despite the laundry list of speeches and paperwork given to each of these knuckle draggers, there always seems to be a new way hat they try to get something for free.

Take, for instance, a company I went to today. I was told that I needed to provide a service, tried to provide said service, and the product I was sent out with was faulty. Not my fault. According to them, it was. Not only was I the whipping boy for how many times my company has screwed them over, I think the two women badgering me were on their periods, so it made it even better. After listing to their tirade, and eventually having them chose another company to provide the service, I come to find out that this company hasn’t been paying my company for any of the previous work we have provided them. That’s right, I got bitched out by a bunch of people who don’t know how to pay their bills.

Another great example of people’s stupidity would be in the following story. I recently went out to a woman’s house to repair her vehicle’s glass. Before even beginning to work on this woman’s car, I hand her paperwork that explains the process and how each time the work is done, the results may vary. The woman seems unfazed by this and even says that she has had this done before. She signs the paperwork and I begin my work. The job comes out beautiful and the customers is pleased with the result. Two days later, my manager receives a notice from corporate that this customer has called our complaint line and said that “he [I] wasn’t working on that side of my vehicle, but now there’s a mark that was’t there before”. This is not a joke. The customer even said that I was no where near where this new mark was, yet she took the time of day to call our corporate line and express her concern.

As Ron White says: “You can’t fix stupid…’