u mad?

“Yes, and your tech was incredibly rude and arrogant”… 

This is the message I received from corporate after the same customer who was quoted just got done cursing at me. All because I told her the truth; that the process I use to repair her windshield has the slight possibility of further damaging it. Guess some people don’t know how to react.

Oh, and by cursing at me, I mean she stormed outside and started screaming at me, “This is BULLSHIT! I’m not gonna pay you $500 to bust out my windshield! This is bullshit! Get outta here!”.

#1: The repair was costing her nothing. I was collecting no money; simply doing my job, having her sign some papers and leaving.
#2: Its her fault if she has to pay $500 if that slight chance happened to be her. Know why? Because that’s her insurance deductible. A new windshield for her Mercedes would have cost well over that amount.

Oh yea, that’s right. I forgot to mention that she was driving a Benz. God knows that Benz drivers are more important than anyone else on the road, let alone the 6 other jobs I have to complete before my day is finished. And its not like this woman lived in an affluent area where all the rest of her neighbors owned similar cars; the bitch lives near Seaside, NJ, and you all know what kind of people reside there.

As for the “rude and arrogant” comment, I would like to ask her why she called me that. It was she that walked away to go put the sand in her vagina, not I. It wasn’t like I rolled up to her job, got out, told her that the repair always comes out shitty, popped her tires, pissed on her seats, and left. I wanna keep my job, so I do my best to repress my rage when a customer asks stupid shit.

Moral is this: next time a contractor, or whomever you have doing work for you, says something that upsets you, ask why the certain thing might or does happen. There’s a good chance you’ll get an honest answer and they’ll do a better job because you were nice.