Useless Knowledge (For The Inquisitive Soul)

I got bored and had nothing better to write this week.

-How do you tell the difference between an African and an Indian elephant? Look at their ears. African elephants’ ears look like the continent of Africa.

-It is impossible, unless assisted by an outside force, to keep your eyes open during a sneeze. And I wouldn’t want to keep my eyes open anyway, it just seems painful.

-I sneeze. Violently.

-No matter how hard you try, that girl in the video game will not come to life. Nerd.

-That dot over the lower case letter I is called a tittle. Heh, heh. TITtle….

-A 2×4 piece of wood is actually 1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″

-It is illegal in New Jersey to slurp your soup. It should also be illegal for Ryan to slurp his chocolate milk in my presence.

-The Bible never mentions how many wise men there are, just three gifts. I think someone didn’t want to be known as a cheapskate to the son of God.

-There ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone. Which is actually a double negative. So I guess thereĀ is sunshine when she’s gone. Broken home, much?