Video Games: The New Social Commentary

“The ending sux!!1!”

This is the familiar outcry of most of fans that have purchased and already beaten Mass Effect 3, the epic shooter/RPG created by BioWare. The game was released March 6th, to the hordes of rabid fans (myself included) that have been drooling over teaser trailers and screen shots ever since it was announced. But why, all the sudden, such a negative response to a game so loved?

My theory is this: most of the players ran through the game faster than a WoW player eats a bag of Doritos. By playing this way, you will always get the worst ending possible. A game such as Mass Effect, as with most RPGs, needs to be played to its fullest potential; hours upon hours of game play are there for a reason. Only after completing side quests, building up your character, obtaining the right items, etc, will you be granted the “good” ending and feel satisfied with the work you put into playing the game.

There is also another theory I have, which coincides with this blog’s title. I believe with such a heavy influence of games such as Halo, Modern Warfare and Call of Duty (all First Person Shooters), gamers, especially here in the States, have little interest in the story of a game. They only care about one thing: gunning down the next target. The idea of “kill everything fast so you can finish” kind of parallels with how fast we all want our information brought to us and our lack of an attention span. People are impatient and don’t want to have to wait for anything, especially for a story to develop in a video game. They want it over, done with , and the best possible outcome; all done within a week’s worth of playing. Sorry kids, it doesn’t work that way.

Mass Effect 3┬áhas 8 different endings depending on the choices you made, not only in this game, but in the previous two games also. If you, as a gamer, don’t have the time to sit and play the game to its fullest, then don’t complain that the ending blows. I think that if you got the “bad” ending in this game, you probably got the “bad” ending in the last two. So quit your bitchin’ and play the dame thing. Shit, you paid $60 (or more) on it.