Yet Another Post About Allergies

You’ve read my rants about them before, and its high time this year for another.

The last month has been a brutal one for myself and my fellow sufferers. The pollen counts have been through the roof here in the Garden State; so much so that people without allergies (like my wife) are now experiencing  what we have felt all this time. For most people, I feel sorry for them. Allergies are a bane and I wish there was a genetic whitewash that could be administered. However, there are those people that still feel that we sufferers just need to “tough it out”. To those individuals, I say unto thee:


We’ve been “toughing it out” for years, some of us for our whole lives. Allergies are not a garden variety cold that you can just swig some DayQuil and be done with. Allergies suck and there isn’t a product on the market, that I’ve found, that will eliminate the laundry list of symptoms without putting the user in a zombie-like state. Hell, I’ve gotten so used them that I just go to work while having a full blown attack. Rather get paid to suffer then sit home and make no money.

One of my coworkers uttered aloud his thought process on allergies. He believes that we shouldn’t take any drugs or relief giving devices and just let our immune systems do the work. Hey jackass, what do you think allergies are?  They’re our immune system going berserk over  stupid shit that shouldn’t matter. I wanted to slap him.

Next time you see one of us sneezing, don’t automatically assume we have the Flu, or some other dumb cold, just offer a tissue. Unless the individual enjoys the taste of snot as it runs down his face into his mouth.