Water You Thinking?

I cannot believe buying bottled water has not gone by the wayside yet.  Believe me, I’ll buy a bottle of water under certain circumstances but otherwise, I’m all for drinking water from a tap or a water fountain.  At work, I am somewhat notorious for guzzling water from my reusable bottle for most of the day, which suits me just fine.  I fill it up two or three times a day and generally drink about two liters of water during my eight hours there.  If I bought the equivalent amount in bottled water, I would spend around $3 a day, $15 a week, and $60 a month.  Since I’m not shelling out money for that, I can spend my money on cool stuff like this website.

Overall, I find it pointless to buy a 24 pack of bottled water and consume it in your residence.  I have seen this more times than I can tell you.  For less than the cost of a case of water owned by some major beverage company, you can buy a pitcher with a filter or one which attaches to your faucet and filter your own water.  Eureka!  You can save plastic and money!  If you don’t trust your local water supply, buy a filtration system or move.  Hey, I’m sure some can pay a monthly mortgage with money which might have been spent on bottled water considering Americans drink over 20 gallons of bottled water per capita per year.

The most befuddling part of this whole bottled water craze has to be flavored water.  Yes, once upon a time, even I bought into the Vitamin Water concept in an attempt to be healthy.  Do you know what it did for my health?  It put it at more risk by stacking calories on to my diet.  That’s all.  Even if it has zero calories no thanks to some artificially or naturally derived sweetener, you’re still better off with regular water.  Any vitamins which were allegedly loaded into that mixture on some assembly line have probably dissipated long ago.

As far as flavored varieties without proposed health benefits, I simply do not understand why we need Cinnamon Lemongrass or Lavender Vanilla water.  Even if it’s carbonated, it’s still silly to spend $6 on a bottle of this junk.  One brand I know of devotes itself to making mint flavored water.  Has regular water gotten that boring for you?  They even have a newly developed chocolate mint flavored water.  You hear that?  Less calories than plain old chocolate and less guilt for the ingestee!  Get real.  Boutique water just proves you have money to burn on crap.  Go buy a Ferrari instead.

Lastly, if you drink SmartWater, you are the opposite of smart.  You’re paying $2 for 33 ounces of water with a flip cap keeping you away from it.  Just because it’s made in a lab as opposed to being drawn from a spring (which is probably loaded with deer piss and other undesirable creature deposits) doesn’t make it a wiser choice.  Plus, all of it is a waste of plastic.  Just buy a good quality reusable bottle which you can fill up when you leave the house and throughout the day and stop throwing your hard-earned money away on something as common as water.