Whatever Makes You Feel Like A Catchphrase

While I appreciate how modern country music (renamed “cowpop” by yours truly) is the only place you can currently find big stage shows and guitar solos in damn near every song, the Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw teaming for the song “Feel Like A Rock Star” is just silly.  First of all, they’re country stars.  I guess that title wouldn’t have the same image to it.  Second of all, it’s a cheese-laden track which tries to make you feel better about your job and doing whatever makes you feel good in your off hours.

All the cowpop clichés in this song: country miles, leaving it in your truck, taking it in your boot, dirt, and lame rhymes like “juice in the goose.”  If you think that’s bad, the line “pimped up hangin’ in the VIP” is sure to make you cringe.  I find it hilarious how country guys all want to be rock guys.  What the hell is stopping them?  Take off the lame hat, trade your Telecaster for a Strat, and crank it up as loud as you can!

If someone wrote a song called “Country Star” and used these two as a template, would there be lyrics about flying to your private island or multi-million dollar ranch?  Not likely, since country stars don’t have quite the same appeal as the “rock star” stereotype.  No wonder they need to attempt some kind of crossover.

Perhaps I’m being too literal, but throwing the term “rock star” around is a real snub to the bona fide rock heroes.  Just because you drink a lot or smoke cigarettes or kick back when you’re not working doesn’t mean you earn a moniker which should be reserved for true stars.  Stop diluting the definition of “star,” Tim and Kenny.  Reality TV is already doing plenty of damage to it.