Fashionably Ignorant

Fashion is something that goes in one year and out the other. – Unknown 

At last, summertime is upon us and what does that mean?  Skin.  Lots of it.  Yes, skin which is barely covered by clothes.  That’s fine with me, as long as the skin belongs to women.  But I’m not here to talk about skin today.  Oh no.

There is this annoying trend among men lately which says they should wear tight-ass muscle shirts every hour they’re awake.  The problem with this is that, more often than not, they’re more like fat shirts because these men are rarely fit (unless “fit” is defined by how said shirt barely fits).  This is usually paired up with greased hair (which never seems to go away), stylishly ripped jeans and a pair of flip flops.  As much as I’m not a flip flop kind of guy, I don’t understand how it makes sense for it to be either cool enough to wear full-length pants and not complete shoes, or warm enough to wear flip flops but not shorts.  The jeans/flip flops combo never sits right with me on either men or women.  Both of you should stop this immediately.

Speaking of flip flops, why is it women must have a pair to match every shirt?  Does a woman shop for a pair of orange flip flops after buying an orange shirt or does she hunt for an orange shirt to match an orange pair of flip flops she already owns?  This whole trend confuses me, much like how as soon as the weather dips below fifty degrees, it’s time to put the flip flops back in the closet and bring out the obnoxious UGGS.  That’s right, UGGS; boots which were designed for hiking around Australia and not scaling the tiled terrain of the local mall.  $160 for sheepskin padded by cotton on the inside.  Are they serious?  Granted, I have paid close to that for leather boots but those are all-weather leather boots.  I rarely see women wear UGGS when it rains, probably in fear the inner cotton lining will somehow get wet and shrink.  Whatever.  They have knee-high strangely-patterned rubber boots for those days.  Don’t even get me started on those.

I will be the first to admit I do not dress with any fashion sense whatsoever, followed by a barrage of my friends and peers chiming in with this same sentiment.  I like leather boots, a leather jacket, comfortable blue jeans and a soft T-shirt.  Hell, I even like a leather jacket when it’s a bit warm outside.  In my own way, it’s kind of like Linus’ blanket.  Anyway, some have called the way I dress a style but I just consider it comfortable.  I don’t consider how fashionable I look at all throughout the course of my day or week or season.  I’m all about comfort.  Maybe the fuzzy-booted, flip-flopped, tight shirt wearing folks are too but I don’t really care.  Everyone can dress however they want with no regard for my opinion because I will certainly dress how I want with no regard for theirs.

Thank you and happy shopping.