Well, it’s my last blog of the year, so why not coin a phrase?

Speaking of this particular event, I think it’s time for me to be a bit somber.  After all, it’s the holiday season and the celebration of a New Year suggests a time for reflection.  Plus, since I’ve already spent previous weeks bitching about customers and stores, along with popular holiday merchandise, I decided it is best to turn my thoughts inward.

More than likely, by the time you read this, our site will have passed 160,000 visits.  This is a very big deal since on our 14 month anniversary (December 10, 2011), I posted a thank you on my personal Facebook page since the site had over 148,000 visitors at the time and the average of over 10,000 people checking us out each month meant it was time for some gratitude.  Now, less than three weeks later, we’ve had another 12,000 visitors and I am nearly speechless.  If you are reading this, I thank you for your attention and time.  You are the reason we do this every week without fail for over a year and as long as you keep listening and reading, we’ll keep entertaining you.

As much of a success as this is, it is a shared victory among my six cohorts and I.  What you see on this site is a coordinated team effort, when it comes to writing and scheduling as well as recording.  The seven of us work together to keep this machine running smoothly and every hand makes the work lighter and more satisfying.  As a result, I have some words for my teammates.

Andrew, Ryan, Jack: we have come a long way since we began recording a year and a half ago.  We have released 65 episodes of our main show as well as seven HalfCasts, all of which add up to around 80 hours of content.  160,000 eyes have given our little website a gander.  This is a massive win for us.  What began as a weekly show has evolved into a site with brand new content an average of six days a week.  What we created will continue to evolve and grow, and I am proud to say the four of us are the reason it exists.  I love you guys.

Cory, Jimmy, Ron: the three of you have stepped into our lineup with ease and grace, even if you were subjected to a bit of heavy ribbing along the way.  The enthusiasm, humor, and dedication you all have given to the site has been all we could have hoped for and so much more.  Beginning a year ago with trying to elbow your way into a conversation to developing your own personalities and styles in front of the mic and through your writing has been a joy to witness every step of the way.  Stick around, boys.  We’re on to something here.

Once again, a massive thank you to my partners for standing beside me and for all of you for reading, listening, and watching our work.  You keep checking us out, we’ll keep giving you reasons to come back.


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Happy 2012!

A Note From The Author, 12-31-11: Since today is three weeks since the visitor count of 148,000, I’m pleased to report we’re rapidly approaching 15,000 visits in the last three weeks.  Since you’re reading this, you’re a part of it, and I thank you.  If you like what you see on our site, tell a friend.  If you don’t, tell an enemy.