In the few times I’ve cruised the boardwalk this summer, I have been quite relieved to not see the generic shirts I saw last year with “Hi Hater” printed on the front and “Bye Hater” printed on the back.  Granted, YOLO shirts have taken their place as this year’s youth-oriented (see: dumb) catchphrase apparel, but I still hear people talk about haters.

Let’s get one thing straight: you probably do not have haters.  Barack Obama, Howard Stern, Oprah, Charlie Sheen, and Snooki have haters because they’re very famous and they do things people don’t agree with.  More than likely, in your case, some people just don’t like you or don’t give a damn about you.  It doesn’t mean they hate you.  In fact, they probably barely spend any time thinking about you.  Get over yourself.

For me, seeing people put “haters” in their Facebook status is like a flaming case of eye herpes.  It’s no big deal if a coworker doesn’t like you.  You’re not at work to make friends anyway.  Besides, if you already have 1600 “friends” on Facebook, haters should be the least of your concern.

One final note: to touch on my earlier reference for a moment, I also hate ”YOLO.”  If I see it as a hashtag in my Twitter feed, that person gets unfollowed with extreme prejudice.  First of all, we don’t know if we only live once.  Second, a catchphrase is not an excuse for idiotic or unsafe behavior.  Smoke and drink and eat fatty food to your heart’s content now, but when you’re an overweight, diabetic 35 year-old who is riddled with lung cancer and cirrhosis, I don’t expect you to don that cheap YOLO T-shirt when you go for your next electrocardiogram.  Chances are it no longer fits anyway.