I Am Experiencing Technical Difficulties…

…however, this is no need for you to standby.  I am quite busy doing exactly that already.

Right now, my computer has been unable to boot up half the time because of the burnout of either a RAM card or the video card.  Swell.  Time to buy a new one?  Perhaps.  Also, after a faithful year, I have finally filled up my 64 GB iPod Touch (not surprising since I have over 300 GB of music, all legally purchased).  This means I have to play iGod and decide who stays and who goes.  Despite having about 37 days of entertainment on this handy little device, somehow I can’t decide what artists, audiobooks and podcasts will be among those to stay on board for now (although I clearly won’t be deleting the best one).  To cap it all off, I have a glitchy phone.  Okay, it’s a smartphone.  A BlackBerry Storm, their first touch screen offering.  Luckily, most days, it works.

I’d love to upgrade and get a new BlackBerry but the company seems to be dragging their asses about getting an impressive new model on the Verizon network.  It seems one of the overall great smartphones available this particular season is the iPhone.  My spidey sense always tingles when I see an iPhone at work and I’ve been able resist the temptation to check one out.  I remember how ridiculous people were about the release of the first one (a ridiculousness which has only gotten exponentially worse with every new variation) and I’m tempted on a certain level but fearful of disappointing my 25 year old counterpart (then again, what did that guy know anyway?).  I even feel equal amounts of relief and dismay when I see those I follow on Twitter posting through a BlackBerry or an iPhone, respectively.  With a few months to go on my contract, barring a catastrophe, I’ll simply wait until something comes along and strikes my fancy.

I hate how I’ve become so dependent on technology, but I also love being fatally addicted to it, while keeping the “fatally” part at bay.  I’m very good about not talking on the phone or texting when I drive.  I couldn’t even fathom the guilt I’d feel if I rear-ended someone while sending a text.  In the same way, I hope I’ll have some karmic protection in that no one will plow into me while sending an “OMG” text or posting a Facebook status about picking up the latest pair of those atrocious gladiator-style sandals that some are trotting around in this summer.

Love it or hate it, technology serves our need for convenience.  My iPod allows me to listen to books or shows or whatever music I own where ever I am.  As accustomed as I’ve become to listening to music digitally, I can easily see myself settled into a chair or laid out on a couch in my own house while listening to a record (yes, a vinyl record) and just enjoying the experience of taking in an album from start to finish.  I’m just old fashioned in that way.  However, having it at my fingertips keeps my musical OCD in check.  The same goes for phones.  As you’ll hear about in an upcoming HalfCast, Andrew and I regularly whittle away hours chatting about whatever crosses our minds during the day, Jack and I usually send each other information about the latest Blu Ray announcements or sales, and Ryan and I generally try to crack each other up at any given moment.  I even have a daily habit I share with my sister where we send each other a quote from a movie, TV show, cartoon or standup routine.  All these exchanges are in good fun and provide an instant sense of connection, despite me being up to 3000 miles away from them.  Yes, I consider technology a friend in and of itself.

In reality, when our computer crashes or our phone or portable media device takes a fall, we feel cut off and unhappy.  Sure, these toys all cost money but one can chalk it up to the cost of living.  As long as technology keeps getting better, I will pay its price and suffer its temporary inconveniences.