I Am Not A Doctor

There is no escaping the occupation of several cities across the US. Many feel this action by a young generation who feels a strong sense of entitlement is their way of demanding something they did earn be given to them.  In this case, we’re talking about money. 

For the purposes of this blog, my concern lies less with the issues the protesters are rallying against, but more with their critics’ integrity when it comes to entitlement. Two of my website cohorts have made no bones about their willingness to pirate entertainment on the internet, yet they remain vocal about their distaste for the reason behind the protests on Wall Street and beyond. Surely, there are many others who live a similar kind of contradiction. I am not a doctor, but I diagnose these people with a case of Hypocrisy.

How is it anyone can bash others about demanding more from the “haves” when they feel they’re entitled to download music and movies illegally, with the justification of how the artists and actors are grossly overpaid or just plain have more money than they do? This is basically what the protesters are going on about: deserving to have more given to them because someone else has it and they don’t.  How is there a difference in these two instances?  Why is one reasonable and the other one not?

It surprises me how some will so quickly judge others when their integrity can be easily questioned. Unless you’re operating from a place where you earn what you have and pay your way for everything else, you have no room to criticize. Then again, I’m sure it’s easy to convince yourself you’re justified when you’re doing what everyone else is doing, kind of like a lot of the Occupy protesters who are just doing what everyone else is doing.


Oh yeah, and Happy Halloween!