New Year’s Resolutions: 30 Days Later

Guess what?  January is now over.  How did those of you who made New Year’s resolutions do with maintaining them, even for the first month of the new year?  Chances are you didn’t do well.

By this time, at least half of the “resolved” have given up going to the gym so the rest of us can finally get some work done there without waiting for some noob to be finished with the good equipment.  Produce is now easier to find because those who adopted new dietary habits are back to the fast food drive-thrus and frozen dinners.  Those who planned on cutting down on alcohol have already woken up hungover and those who supposedly gave up smoking have already asked someone with a ready pack for a cigarette.

How judgmental of me!  How dare I!  Very true, but do you know why?

I believe New Year’s resolutions are more like confessions or wishes.  People admit there is something they want to improve around the end of the year and they vow to change whatever the bad habit is once the old year is over and the new one has begun.  To me, this seems like procrastination more than anything else.  If you really want to make a change, you’ll make a change right away.  You don’t wait until the first day of the new year or the next month or wait until after the weekend so you can cram in the last of your abhorrent activity before giving it up on Monday.  Every day is a new day and a chance to change.  To paraphrase Zig Ziglar, yesterday really ended last night and today is a completely new day.  You got a fresh start when you woke up today, regardless of what day you’re reading this.

My point is if you’re willing to put it off, you’re willing to live with the habit for a bit longer and therefore, you aren’t really willing to change, at least not enough to give up whatever you’re allegedly finished doing and begin a new habit.  Guess what?  You woke up breathing today.  So do something!  If you want to change, change right now.  Stop telling the rest of us your intentions and start producing some results.  You don’t see me sitting around just saying I’m going to write a blog, do you?

See?  I just did it.  No laziness involved.

And now that this blog is done, it’s time for a nap.