Not Quite “Dashing Through The Snow”

Sorry for posting this blog so late in the day but I just finished over three hours of shoveling snow.  I don’t mind shoveling snow that much.  Granted, it was two feet of snow, but it was light since it hadn’t frozen over yet.  Spending a while out in the cool air was a good time (especially while listening to my favorite podcast!) and digging my car out from under the accumulation was like uncovering a lost mystery of the past.  Bless you, white powder from the sky.

Sadly, it seems not many share my enthusiasm or enjoyment of snow.  Sure, it’s a bitch to drive in and can be painful to shovel at times but the first snowfall of the year which completely covers the landscape is simply majestic.  What a pleasant change it is to see a lovely white blanket over the otherwise uninteresting-looking local New Jersey scenery.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, I’ve been able to read all day yesterday and today how much my e-friends on Facebook and Twitter hate the snow.  True fact: they all live in New Jersey where it’s definitively winter for (at least) three months out of the year.  Hey, if you can’t stand the snow as much as I’ve read, don’t live here.  If you really feel it’s that’s inconvenient and too large of an annoyance, move somewhere that is bereft of cold weather.  The major drawback to that is no snow days from work or school, which seems to be the only redeeming part of snowfall for many of these people who complain.  Even Andrew, one of my best friends and co-conspirator in this website, will be on a three-month diatribe (ZING!) about how much he hates snow but if they came out with a snow-shoveling game for the (se)XBOX Kinect, he’d be the first in line at GameStop to reserve it so he can get the exclusive orange-colored snowsuit.  The virtual experience offers him so much more than the actual experience.  It must be all of that “proxy” talk his wife is always on about (hi, Veronica).

Here is some simple math for you: if you are planning on living in new Jersey for the next eight years, that means you have to deal with the potential of two years of snowfall.  Staying here for twenty years? FIVE YEARS of potential snowfall.  Hell, I used to live in Los Angeles and as much as I enjoyed a sunshiny 70-degree January, I missed the snow and it was no burden at all to move back to it by returning to New Jersey.  The bottom line: enjoy where you live.  It can be very gratifying.  If you enjoy how the weather is 75% of the time, shut up about the 25% you don’t enjoy but are willing to put up with to live where you live.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!