Random Thoughts 4 August!

Clever title, huh?   Yeah, I don’t really think so either.   Regardless, here’s what’s on my mind this week. 

I don’t understand why Mercedes puts a blinker on the side view mirrors of their cars.  It’s pointless.  Everyone knows Mercedes drivers don’t use their turn signals anyway.

I’m tired of Twitter and Facebook being littered with people using the expression “Born This Way” to justify some lousy habit they have.  I highly doubt anyone found so much depth in that song that it serves as adequate permission for whatever they choose not to change about themselves, as if it is out of their hands somehow.  No one’s personality is born any way.  If anything, follow the mindset of the Incubus song and “Make Yourself.”

Baby food flavors sound so disgusting.  It probably has more to do with the parents feeling good about what they’re feeding the baby than its true nourishment value.  I actually saw one called Sweet Potato Ratatouille, right next to Apple Butternut Squash.  No adults want to eat these ingredients, let alone babies.  Although I’m not a parent, I somehow doubt Ginger Apricot Pilaf baby food is phenomenally better for a baby because it has a fancy name.

I can’t stand hearing people reduce the words “whatever” and “difference” to make expressions like “Whatev” and “What’s the diff?”  It sounds like you don’t quite grasp the English language.  Stop it.

It’s hilarious how up in arms people get about actor salaries for movies and use it as a reason to justify piracy when professional athletes have far more ridiculous salaries, yet the same people still buy tickets to sports games.  Sports are still a form of entertainment, folks.  An overpaid professional is still overpaid, regardless of their profession.