Regional Arrogance

The endless yammering about how the Yankees and the Jets are the best isn’t the only New York attitude that greatly bothers me.  There is so much belief that because New York is the capital of the world, everything is of a higher standard there and should be recognized as such by us unfortunates who aren’t from there.  News Flash: that’s not entirely true.  There are plenty of bad restaurants, shoddy hotels and stores that will rip off every person who walks through the doorway; probably as many as any other cities.  However, for the purposes of illustrating my point, I will mention two specific instances.

Earlier in the month, Jack, Ryan and I were browsing a few different online outlets in search of tickets to see Rush at Madison Square Garden.  The presale and public sales were sold out so we were trying to find something reasonable.  Since many ticket scalping resale sites had very high markups on all seats, I thought it would be sensible to check on eBay.

Many sellers have a “Buy It Now” option on auctions if you want to pay a premium and bypass the bidding process.  Some also have the option to make an offer lower than this price, also to bypass bidding on a certain level.  I sent an offer of $600 for three tickets to a seller who listed four tickets for $1,295.  The face value of a single ticket was about $150 so this seller would still be making a nice profit, especially since the concert was a week away and there were no offers on the auction.  The seller was listed in New Jersey, so I assumed the tickets would arrive in a week but wanted to make sure.  Here is the exact email I sent:

Hello. I would like to offer $600 plus shipping costs for 3 of the tickets listed in the above auction. I can make a payment through Paypal immediately. I am a NJ resident so as long as you can guarantee the tickets will arrive by Friday, we have a deal.

Thank you for your time.

A short time later, I received this exact reply:

You are asking for tickets on the front floor for Rush at Madison Square Garden for $200 each?  Clearly, you are not from New York. I expect much closer to Philadelphia.

The cheapest 3 set on the front floor is $1100. If you can find better buy them.

Clearly, a simple decline wasn’t good enough.  Not only was I not cool enough to be from New York, but it seems Philadelphia isn’t cool either.  Was that necessary?  Obviously not.  Even making a counter offer might have convinced me to try a bit higher, but not with a response like this.  I’m not giving this asshole extra money to go see Rush.  Like I said, the face value was around $150 (obviously, the concert has passed so I can’t get exact numbers to post here) and this nimrod still wanted $300+ per ticket.  No chance.  I might pay that much to see Rush play a show on the moon, but not in this case.  In the end, we didn’t go to the show having struck out on tickets but hey, we were willing to pay a maximum of $200 per ticket and if there were no takers, then we were fine with missing it.

Here’s the other story.  Recently, a relative (who resides in New Jersey) was telling a few of us about her experiences with breast cancer.  After her diagnosis, she was recommended to see a top doctor at Mount Sinai in…wait for it…New York.  She made an appointment to meet with him and she swears to God this is how the exchange went once he walked in the room.

DR. NY: Mrs. [X], do you want to live or die?

MRS. X: I want to live!

DR. NY: Well, if you are treated for your condition in a New Jersey hospital, you will die.

She immediately flipped out on him, and rightfully so.  No mention at all about how their center has better facilities or the experience of their staff.  Nope.  Just straight in with being better than New Jersey when it comes to preventing death.  This is obviously much more serious than trying to get concert tickets, but it’s the same mentality to me.  ‘We’re better than you.’  The same goes with sports teams, the arts, everything.  I have no problem with New Yorkers in general.  I love visiting New York.  I love the energy and the sites and all it has to offer as a city.  I just can’t stand this kind of arrogance.  In fact, it makes me so angry that I don’t even have a clever closing for this!


…thanks for reading.