Tabloid Shmabloid 2: What Tsunami?

On March 11, a deadly tsunami and devastating earthquake struck Japan.  The public at large most likely heard about this tragedy through various forms of media, whether it was the internet or television or whatever.  In the wake of the shock, publications around the world put their emphasis of the aftermath.

Or did they?  Let’s have a look, shall we?

Prime Example Of IdiocySo let’s see if I have this right at all: at the time, over 10,000 people were reported to be dead due to two unstoppable forces of nature and People decides to feature it on the sidebar of its front cover.  I suppose “people” are more gutted about the Bachelor breakup, seeing how it was an exclusive story and takes up about 80% of the front page of this particular issue.  “Only In People?”  God damn right!  Every other respectable publication is so busy reporting on actual drama, they completely forgot to interview Emily and Brad.  Maybe something more would have been published if they had real journalists working for them instead of a fleet of gossipers.

Hang on.  Maybe I’m being unfair.  I’m sure the magazine will redeem themselves with the following week’s issue.

Hey!  Look who’s back on the front cover!  That’s right, a family that is expanding so rapidly, even the Duggars might blush!  And look!  No mention of the ruination in Japan whatsoever.  I guess “people” were over this after less than two weeks.

I understand some might come to the defense of the magazine by saying the cover stories are a way to attract casual readers to take a gander at the seriousness inside but COME ON! Really?  The same lame stories published over and over, week after week, just to satisfy nosy, uninteresting readers with zero regard for whatever is going on outside the world of celebrity.  But, once again, it cannot be emphasized enough how much the publication of this type of drivel is a reflection of what our culture wants to focus on.  It’s a sad state of affairs, in my opinion.

That is all.

For now.