The VIP Experience (Very Immoderate Purchase)

Ahh, Summertime.  It’s the time of year when it is most fun to visit amusement parks – places where infinite enjoyment can be had as long as you’re willing to spend the cash.  Paying for food in amusement parks has become so ludicrous that it seems reasonable to buy one of those passes where you eat all day for $25.  Oh, but that only covers food.  If you want to drink soda all day, you must buy a souvenir cup for $14 so you can get free refills all day.  Hey, when a large soda costs $4 a pop (no pun intended), it’s a reasonable buy.  So we’re already talking about $40 or so per person when it comes to food purchases within the park.  What about the price of admission?

It seems most parks charge between $60 and $80 for general admission, meaning you’ll get on about six rides if you spend eight hours at the park. But wait!…you can spend about $150 to cheat the lines on every ride.  It never seems like there is much order to these pass-holder privileges anyway, since they seem to get on the rides only slightly sooner than the rest of the people.  Besides, this concept only works as long as most people don’t go for this option, otherwise the front-of-line queue turns into the regular line, meaning a $300 pass will have to be invented where they airdrop you on to the roller coaster platform.

If you want the amusement park VIP experience, you will indeed pay heavily for the option.  Otherwise, for at least $100, you can spend a day waiting on lines and stuffing your face in the Summer heat.  If you’re a parent and you’re bringing a handful of kids to such a place…yikes.  A day of amusement could end up racking up your credit card bill like you never imagined.  The thrills are great, but the bills can be a bitch.