You Have 65 Years To Vacate The Premises

If you look at older generations, you can definitely see the social evolution of what jobs, careers and retirement have meant to them and what they have come to mean to young people.  An older generation such as my grandparents worked one job their entire life, retired in their 60’s, and that was about it until their death.  Somewhere in between, they got married and had kids and raised them as best as they could.  Like most other aspects of life as we know it, this seems to be the old model.

My perception of retirement these days is that it’s pretty damn boring.  I see most retirees sitting around malls and cafes with each other enjoying the handful of foods their declining health allows them to digest properly.  The men talk about golf while the women talk about their children and grandchildren.  It seems as though life for them is essentially over, considering the way they list the activities of their descendents and people on TV while recounting very few of their own.  It’s quite sad how they had nothing to look forward to beyond the end of their career, as well as their family growing up and moving out.

Personally, I have no plans on ever retiring, and not due to a fear of financial scarcity.  I always want something new to be in the pipeline; something I can sink my teeth into. It’s estimated my generation will have an average of 7 careers in their lifetime. With all that opportunity, who wants to waste time sitting around watching “The Price Is Right?” (no offense to Drew Carey)

There is a hell of a lot to experience out in the world.  While this opinion comes from a mere 29 years of life, I’ve been alive long enough to know I don’t want my passion for living to dwindle while the next generation is out making their lives happen.  It’s no wonder many retired men die within three years of retirement with all the boredom they end up feeling.  Everyone must have something to keep them going, whether it’s an upcoming vacation or a substantial purchase (such as a boat or new home) or an opportunity to explore their passions.  I realize much of the current retired generation didn’t place an emphasis on too much beyond working and raising a family, but I absolutely will and I hope you will too.  As far as we know, we only get one shot at this game, so play, laugh, love, cry, dance, talk, write, sing and explore.  Always keep something exciting on your horizon and your life will always be an adventure.

And whatever you do, don’t ever quit!