All Is Fair In Love And Chocolates

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, people have the most heated and differing opinions. Even though it’s centered around love, it’s probably not the most loved day of the year, but it may be the most hated. It’s been my experience that people split themselves into three different camps when it comes to their feelings or lack thereof for this particular day.

The first group consists of our single friends who harbor an irrational hatred for V-Day because they’re not in love and hate seeing other people who are. The second division consists of people who are in love, in relationships or married, that still think the day is an unnecessary exercise in commercial greed and cliches, and also inexplicably hate seeing other people in love. Much to their chagrin, Valentine’s Day was created and celebrated long before Hallmark was a company, so those jokes are tired and unfunny. They think that flowers, chocolates and teddy bears are not a necessary or even remotely acceptable representation of love. The thing is, they may very well be right. However, sometimes little things like that are what remind people that they are loved. Should it be the only day of the year that you show the one you love that they’re still the one? Absolutely not. However you may dread it, this day is not going away. The imagery, the cliches, and the underlying meaning are here to stay, so if you don’t like it, stay away from television, department stores, and well…people. Not to be forgotten, the final group in this Valentine’s Day discussion are the people who are in love, and embrace this day, every year. It’s not torture, a chore, or painful in any way. Any guy with half a brain knows that a girl who says she doesn’t want or wouldn’t appreciate flowers and a nice card this one day a year is probably full of shit. It’s to be expected, even if it remains unstated.

So, to you three types of people, start embracing the day and keep embracing it. Maybe the flowers and card will get you that girl you’ve been chasing. Maybe this is your chance. If you’re with someone and can’t stand seeing other people together, you might need to reevaluate your situation, or perhaps you’re just a grouch. For those of you who know there is nothing wrong with going over the top this one day a year, more power to you. So reach into your heart and wallet and let your other half know they matter.