Shits And Gigs, Episode I: On The Movies

– There are few scenes in American cinema that are greater than the courtroom scene at the end of The Boondock Saints. It lends itself to chilled bones, goosebumps and an ear-to-ear grin, every time.

– The plot of the new thriller Unknown, that is in theaters now, seems to go as follows- someone takes something from Liam Neeson and he kills everyone to get it back. Sounds like Taken 2, which may actually become a reality according to The Only Podcast That Matters’ own Jack DeFranco. I present to you a short exchange on the subject.

Jack- “Hey, did you hear that there may actually be a Taken 2?”

Ryan- “Really?? Where did you hear that?”

Jack- “The internet.”

Ryan- “Thanks, Jack.”

– The upcoming Dark Knight movie is still in production, but Anne Hathaway already has my vote as sexiest Catwoman ever. While Michelle Pfeiffer are formidable in the realm of sexiness, Pfeiffer was getting up there in her years when she played the role, and Berry’s Catwoman was one of the most horrible movies ever made. Hathaway for the win.