The Worst Way To Anywhere (Recalculate This)

I question the value of the investment I made when I purchased a GPS, considering the fact that I disobey its directions more and more often. I hear the word “recalculating” in my nightmares, as it dances into one ear and out the other, broken-record style throughout my roadtrips. I chuckle every time the device refers to a circle as a “roundabout”, and I love how it wants me to spend more than the damn thing is worth on a map update, whenever I turn it on. It loves to send me on the most indirect, unreasonable route possible to where I’m going, so much so that I sometimes long for the days of reading a printout of Mapquest direction as I drive (which is certainly not best practice). I have come to the conclusion that a navigation device is only helpful when you have no idea where you’re going and you just trust it because you have no other choice. If you sort of know where you’re going but just need a little help, it’s more of a hindrance than anything, as you ignore it most of the way. Before long, “In .1 Miles, Turn Left, Then Turn Left (Recalculating)” will receive Top 40 radio airplay.