Come on Eddie, heh heh heh

That’s my written attempt at Eddie Murphy’s laugh.  After recent viewings of classic Eddie Murphy movies such as the “Beverly Hills Cop” series and “Coming to America,” I wondered what happened to Eddie Murphy?  Not that he’s become a crazed maniac or even fell off the face of the earth, but why hasn’t he made a movie that at least appeals to an audience that can still embrace comedies such as the previously mentioned ones?

Eddie is still a successful popular megastar and one of the biggest box office draws of all time.  He’s had a lot of success in recent years such as the “Shrek” series and being nominated for an Oscar for his work in “Dreamgirls.”  Other than that, he’s done turd after turd.  What have all those been?  KID MOVIES.  EDDIE, NO!

I understand everyone gets older, has kids and does other projects that are kid friendly.  I get it; it’s also probably fun to do a lighthearted comedy once in a while and get some crossover appeal.  The only problem is all the kid movies he’s done has sucked.  “Daddy Day Care,” “The Haunted Mansion,” and “Imagine That” looked absolutely horrible and were poorly reviewed.

I, along with just about everyone I know, clamor for Eddie Murphy movies to be funny again like they were in the 1980s and 90s.  He had such a hot streak of funny films.  “48 Hrs,” “The Golden Child,” “Beverly Hills Cop I, II,” and even “III,” “Bowfinger,” and my personal favorites “The Nutty Professor,” “Trading Places” and “Coming To America.”  All comedy classics.

Now, I’m not saying we need sequels to these movies.  Please, some of these films had sequels that were unnecessary and unfunny.  I would just like to see Eddie team up with some great actors of our time and do another comedy or even an action film.  He’d be great and he’s still got it.  He is supposed to star with a big ensemble cast this fall in a heist comedy.  Okay, I’m somewhat interested.  Then again, Ben Stiller is in it and he’s another one who’s been involved in multiple turds too.  I guess we’ll have a wait and see.

Please, Eddie, come back and gives us one more laugh riot whether in film or if possible stand up.  Oh, please!  That would be awesome!  I know you have kids now and don’t wanna do something raunchy, but in a few years, they won’t be watching the crap you’ve made recently and will only want to watch your essential collection, as will the rest of the world.