Doorbusted II: Clearanced Out

In the second installment of my retail rants series, I’m going to complain about something that every shopper in stores around the country misunderstands: clearance prices.  There isn’t anything wrong with the concept of the clearance price.  If you can get a deal on something that you put off purchasing before it’s pulled from shelves forever, then indulge.  What is wrong is that shoppers consistently misread the signs, sticker prices and everything associated with that price and will argue with the store employee(s) to the death until they save their extra $2.00 and get their way.

I’m sure most of you are aware of how things go on clearance, even if you haven’t worked retail.  Old stuff has to be done away with to make for new stuff, so old items will be gradually marked down.  This is especially relevant for seasonal items, because as you know retail works a season ahead.  Maybe sometimes a few seasons ahead, i.e. swimsuits in January.  For non-seasonal items, research is compiled by the corporate big wigs of a company that observe trends and sales on particular items.  If some items aren’t profitable or selling all to well, a decision will be made to gradually reduce the prices in store to get them out faster.

There are several stores that put a conservative effort into making aisles and racks of clearance presentable.  Then there are those who don’t give a shit whatsoever and throw stuff in a bin regardless if the products are from the same department.  I firmly believe some places set a bomb in the clearance aisle and when it goes off, shit ends up all over the place.  Or at least that’s what it seems.  For those that do try, their efforts seem meaningless because people go through those aisles and ravage the shit out of them to where you can’t figure out what percentage off some of these items are.

The worst part of dealing with marked down prices is dealing with people’s flat out dishonesty.  People will remove other clearance stickers and put them on completely unrelated items, say they’re from the 75% section, when everything over in that section is 50%, and saying something is a clearance item when in fact it’s not even a clearance item because some other asshole threw it in that spot due to their laziness of putting it back where it came from.

Then the arguments begin and people will flat out refuse to concede even if they know they’re wrong.  Once a resolution is achieved either by flat out telling them no or saying go ahead and change it (typically because I don’t give a shit that it’s a $5.00 difference) the argument still continues.  “Well you’re people should fix that!,” said the asshole.  You got what you wanted now don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  Or if you didn’t get your way, “Learn to read a sign then dickhead,” said Jack under his breath as he grind his teeth.

The point is that I can be reasonable and understand the misunderstandings, but learn to pick your battles and realize you can’t win them all.  Everything clearances out differently, by color, size, shape and various other reasons.  You’re not going to get a deal if you argue with someone or think you’re special.  The world doesn’t work that way.

That will be $14.99 please.  Have a nice day.