Flair for the Dramatic

This post is out of love, not ridicule.  Between work, living at home and social media I hear nothing but complaining most of the time about everything.  Being ill, disgruntled, and depressed are things I hear constantly from the same people.  Now I understand everyone has a rough day here and there and sometimes there is nothing that we can do but just weather the storm till things turn favorably.  In the mean time that doesn’t mean you have to gilt trip the shit out of everyone you know just to gain some sort of sympathy.  Where do most of these problems air out?  Facebook, that’s where!

To me, Facebook is a way of addressing humorous statuses, displaying media to friends that I think would be interested and overall just having fun with friends in a non-personal setting.  What you choose to do with yours is completely up to you.  I’ve even been guilty of putting up statuses about having a rough day here or there, but I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve posted annoying, sympathetic statuses.  There are people who do this daily and you all know who you are.

Males tend to post more aggressive statuses, such as “Fuck the world, fuck fake people, I’m done!,” “I feel like shit,” or  “I’m gonna kill the next person who pisses me off!”  Here’s an idea, don’t post your anger for all those to see and deal with it in an appropriate manner.  Nine times out of ten you’re not going to act upon your supposed frustrations and will just shut down and not speak to those whom your pissed at.  Also, you just sound like some psychotic meathead asshole who acts a lot tougher than he is.

As for females, I feel they use their weepy statuses to gain sympathy for problems that can be more often than not easily remedied.  If you’re sick, take some medicine and stay off the computer.  Getting up from bed rest to look at a bright computer screen to tell those around you that your still sick isn’t helping anyone, especially you.  If you’re depressed, go see a therapist, don’t use Facebook as one.  If you hate everyone and everything, keep it to yourself or confront the asshole who wronged you if it makes you feel better.

Outside of social media, another pet peeve of mine is those who shut down and don’t speak a word to anyone when they’re in a mood or not feeling up to par.  If you want people to help you, speak up!  Say what’s on your mind, even if it’s not favorable to those around you.  That’s what friends and family are for.  We’re here to help.  Don’t wait till you get home to go on the computer and post your problems for everyone to see.  That helps no one and calls for a more awkward situation for those who you’re angry or upset with.

In closing, your problems are not meant to be everyone’s problems.  I find myself saying “I don’t care” regularly when reading through statuses and I hate to feel that way about people who I know.  If you have a real traumatic situation and are going through real problems, feel free to update those around you just to let them know you’re okay and if you need help, to not be afraid to ask for it.  Otherwise if your day sucks, you have a toothache, sinus congestion or don’t get along with your co-workers find other avenues to complain other than to Facebook or any other social media.  If it continues, I’ll be sure if I want to remove this person from my friends list.