It’s Snowing….No Shit!

New Jersey and the entire Northeast has been subjected to an abnormal abundance of snow over the past few days.  It’s been extremely difficult trying to get out your door and go anywhere at all.  Where I and other friends and family live, we are faced with the problem of not having enough resources to handle this growing problem, a.k.a. township workers and snow plows to clear all the roads and side streets to get everyone back to their normal daily routines.

As difficult as I and any other normal individual find this situation, I don’t need to be consistently reminded of how bad this situation is.  Like my fellow podcaster Chris put it in his recent entry, if you live in New Jersey you should come to suspect that sometimes you’re going to have to be subjected to a snow storm almost every winter.

Checking social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, all I see are people complaints about not having been plowed out, the amount of snow on the ground, and being stricken with cabin fever.  Your complaints and worries have been well addressed and the local township officials are doing their best (I assume) to get things cleared as quickly as possible.

Constantly updating your status to “OMG where r the plows” or “uggghhh…I’ve been stuck for days.  I need to get out” will not change things other than cause myself and others complete agitation.  Please do something else other than sit on Facebook complaining and find something to do.

If you have “cabin fever” do something to occupy yourselves.  You were the same people who just the day before put up statuses such as “can’t wait to go out in the snow” and “let it snow,” well here’s your chance, go make the most of it.  You’re trapped for days, why not make some use out of the snow you clamored for.  Either that or develop a hobby.

If I’m stuck inside because of the snow, I have a shit ton of DVDs and Blu-Rays that haven’t been watched in years that could occupy hours and days of my time.  Here are some other suggestions: take out old photo albums, play board games, take apart a piece of machinary and put it back together.  Anything, anything at all, just please stop bitching about it on social media sites, because it gets old really quickly.

Also, stop the mobile uploads of what the outside looks like.  You know what everyone’s outdoor window looks like right now?  Every other persons, that what.  Unless you have an amazing looking ice sculpture that was formed due to the weather, by all means post it.  Otherwise, please find something better to do with your time.