More Randomness

Here’s some of the random thoughts that have popped in my head in the last week…

What exactly is a power nap?  Is it when you sleep so hard and intensely that you wake up tired and exhausted?  That just sounds like extra unnecessary work.  Lets call it what it really is: lack of sleep.  Or a nap for that matter.  The term power nap is more ridiculous than the term power zone.  Don’t ask.

What the hell does Depeche Mode mean?  What the hell does depeche mean?  Has anyone ever used that in a sentence?  “I’m feeling quite depeche today.”   Does that mean I’m socially awkward and the synthesizer is my musical instrument of choice?  Please explain.

Can someone do Lindsay Lohan a favor and just smother her with a pillow?  The cute red head that existed between 2003 and 2004 is gone and never coming back.  The bleach blond whore is what we have now.  Someone, anyone just grab a pillow and press it down on her face.  She passes out enough in public, do it then.  You’ll be doing her and the rest of the world a favor.

Why is it that every time I get in the car and go to either work or on a long trip, that’s when my bowels decide it’s time to take a shit right then and there?  Really?  You couldn’t have spawned this on me a half hour before knowing I won’t be near a toilet anytime soon.  Asshole.

Vegans.  Really?  Why do you still exist and continue to recruit hot women into your cult?  There’s a special place in hell for all you people.  Don’t be fooled that your self-righteousness will put you head and shoulders above other people.  Enjoy your digestive system turning against you while us meat eaters survive.

That’s all….