My Favorite Artist

There are several bands that occupy the top artists spots in my life, but not many solo artists that fall into that category.  It’s not something I’ve done on purpose, but there are only a select few solo singers I listen to on a near regular basis.  There is one specifically that I’ve listened to more often than others that I can honestly say is my favorite for a variety of reasons.  Who, you ask?  Richard Marx, the popular singer/songwriter of the late 1980s, early 90s who turned out hit after hit.

I remember listening to Richard Marx in the car with my parents on the radio frequently as early as four years old.  Hearing hit song after hit song and after a while singing along with whatever was on the radio.  As I got older and tried to find my preferred taste in music, I would still hear his music and it would instantly bring back a wave of nostalgia to the earliest recollections of my youth.  Even to this day whenever I hear songs like “Endless Summer Nights,” “Angelia,”  “Right Here Waiting,” and anything else from his first three albums, the earliest memories I have of anything surface to the top of my thoughts.

I’d always been a fan of hard rock and heavy metal of years past, but my obsession with the 80s also includes my love of the best pop songs of that decade too.  I’m not talking about any new wave bands, or something as terrible as Culture Club or Hall & Oates, but singers who weren’t blatantly annoying and gave 110% to their work.   Richard Marx falls into that category of great pop/rock artists.  There is something for everyone in his music.  He’s not to sappy or over the top, not to mention he had the most badass mullet of anyone in that era, a feat I’m sure wasn’t easy to achieve.

I’d always hear his songs on radio or in my house, because my mom had his “Greatest Hits” CD, but had never brought an album of his at all.  In 2009, I acquired the “Repeat Offender” album from my late aunt who passed away.  I listened to it from front to back for two weeks straight.  Last summer, I purchased his first album on vinyl, which is sadly out of print on CD.  Like Rush, Def Leppard and Cheap Trick, I’m on a mission to purchase all the albums from his catalog on any format.

Richard is still active in the music industry with writing and producing music for himself and several others.  He has a new album, “Stories To Tell,” in stores now that compiles a majority of his best hits as well as some new surprises.  He’s also very active on Twitter and one of the funniest people to follow.  If you haven’t heard of him or if you haven’t listened to him in a while, dust off the old record, cassette or CD player and treat yourself to rediscovering a tremendous artist that could put anyone in the music industry to shame with his talent.