Pucker Up

Being known as a kiss ass is probably one of the worst things you could be known for in my opinion.  It’s something that at one point or another everyone with a steady paying job has had to do to either keep their job or advance to the next paygrade.  We’re all guilty of it at one point or another, but it’s one of the things I hate the most about the working world.  The whole idea is so disingenuous and demeaning.

Hey I get it, business is business and you’ve gotta play the game.  No one really gives a shit about their bosses’ bratty kids who’ve flunked out of several private schools, their golf game and new Maserati they just purchased last weekend.  Especially when you’ve got good kids or no kids at all, think golf is the most boring thing next to watching paint dry and drive a car of lesser value.  You’ve gotta ask though because you don’t wanna be stuck in that position forever and it “looks good for you.”

People live under the misconception that if they kiss enough ass they’ll be a position like CEO in no time.  For some people yes, but most likely you’ll still be stuck in the same position you have for the next five years and won’t advance because some people like you where you are.  Dangling the carrot in front of people is a regular occurrence for some businesses with no real follow through from time to time.  For those who do the consistent amount of work on a daily basis, they’re not recognized for their accomplishments because they didn’t get their boss a cup of coffee and in some cases tell them what they want to hear.  Those who do advance and step right on top of you.

The point of this blog is that I hate people who kiss ass and that it’s a survival tactic in the working world.  I see it everyday, everywhere I go and nothing is more unsettling and makes me think less of people.  Bosses can be assholes and employees can be too.  Put them together and your life could be miserable.  I know everyone everywhere has to do it at some point and there’s no resolution to fixing this idea other than working hard enough so one day I can become my own boss, where I don’t have to answer to any one.  It seems a little far fetched sure, but who’s to stop me?